First Impressions – Tick Tock: A Tale for Two

Red Stewart gives his first impressions on Tick Tock: A Tale for Two…

One of the saddest gaming trends to see die over the years are “standing co-op” games. This might sound like a strange genre, but let me explain what I mean- you remember those days when you would bring your Game Boy or DS to school to trade Pokémon with your classmates? Or how about when you and your friends would link Tamagotchi together? Or how about returning home after a long day of school to kick back with your siblings and play some RuneScape?

Yes, all these titles technically still exist, but that local interplay is hardly emphasized these days. Online multiplayer will always exist, and, so long as Nintendo is around, couch co-op will remain staple of households. However, long gone are the times where a game was made with the intention of encouraging people to

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