Movie Review – Jellyfish (2018)

Jellyfish, 2018.

Directed by James Gardner.

Starring Liv Hill, Sinead Matthews, Henry Lile, Jemima Newman, Cyril Nri, Angus Barnett and Tomos Eames.


A teenager struggling with the fact she’s acting as a carer for her younger siblings and ill mother finds a way to channel her frustrations into stand-up comedy.

If movies reflect the time period in which they are made, it’s no coincidence that British cinema is currently choosing to spotlight the bleak plight of working class people. From the tyrannical benefits system in I, Daniel Blake to the constant financial misfortune of the protagonist in last year’s underseen Sink, movies set in the UK are currently about as sad as they come. Jellyfish, from debut feature director James Gardner, certainly doesn’t shy away from the darkness of its characters’ predicament and feels like a worthy addition to the new kitchen sink canon.

The movie

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