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Russian Doll: Natasha Lyonne's Most Underappreciated Roles

Rosie Fletcher Louisa Mellor Apr 4, 2019

Natasha Lyonne is incredible in Netflix Russian Doll, but she's been doing sterling work for years.

Russian Doll is brilliant. But you probably know that by now. Natasha Lyonne absolutely shines as Nadia, the hard-living, guilt-stricken star of Netflix's newest must-binge existential comedy drama.

We'll say no more to avoid spoilers, though there's a slight spoiler in the final paragraph of this article (and here's our spoiler-free review) but if you've seen it, here's what we think the ending is all about, and here's what we'd expect from a second season.

However, Leonne has shone in a whole range of TV and film roles, and often these are indie projects that might have passed you by. So if, like us, you adored Russian Doll, miss it and wish you hadn't watched all of it in one go so there'd still be some left to watch,

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