Child's Play Syfy TV Series Reveals Working Title, Details

Joseph Baxter Feb 12, 2019

Syfy's Child's Play television series will preserve the spirit and continuity of the original films.

While the Child's Play film franchise recently proved that it still has interesting ideas in the tank with the October 2017 release of Cult of Chucky, a modernized reinvention of the classic death-dealing doll franchise is afoot. Indeed, we are set for a multiple medium explosion, notably with a Child’s Play reboot movie imminently approaching. However, plans were recently confirmed that will preserve the original film continuity in a Syfy television series. – That’s right, folks, we’re bracing ourselves for a Chucky Multiverse!

Syfy has set Nick Antosca, the creator of its horror anthology series, Channel Zero, to develop the canonical continuation series alongside original creator Don Mancini. It won’t be the first time that the two have collaborated, since Mancini was brought onboard Antosca’s series as a writer.

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