Link Tank: Why Rebooting Harry Potter Is A Good Idea

Spencer Mullen Feb 13, 2019

Harry Potter, High Flying Bird, the Pentagon, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

The American solar industry has rapidly expanded over past eight years.

"The American solar industry has seen rapid growth over the past eight years, a report released Tuesday shows. The Solar Foundation’s annual jobs census shows a slight decline in employment over the past year, but the overall trend points to a much larger industry aided by plummeting prices."

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Here's the argument for rebooting the Harry Potter franchise.

"As a Potterhead, the Harry Potter movies occupy a very complicated place in my heart. I can watch Prisoner of Azkaban whenever it comes on, and the first two movies do certainly hold a certain amount of nostalgia over me. But my eyes truly glaze over at Half-Blood Prince and Order of the Phoenix, because they are drier than Merlin’s beard.

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