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Slamdance 2019 Review ‘The Vast of Night’ by Peter Belsito

Peter BelstioThis was the best film I saw in my Sundance — Slamdance week recently. This is the best film I’ve seen in the past year. So good waw it, that when I left the theater at the Slamdance top of Main Street in Park City I thought, ‘I might as well go home now, I’ll not see anything here close to this.’Mountain Inn, home ofr Slamdance

Well, I stayed, saw others and this remained the best film for me there. Won the Slamdance grand prize for dramatic features too.

The film is U.S. dramatic. Period — U.S. midwest small town in the ‘50s.

A young boy-girl couple — teenage friends, not lovers — run a manual switchboard for phones, using old fashioned plugs to connect callers. They listen to radio.

Then strange sounds begin emanating from the switchboard and they do not know what it is and decide to find out.

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