‘Oru Adaar Love’ review: Priya Prakash Varier’s wink can’t save this disaster

MollywoodThe film appears to say that the wrongs that men do aren’t really all that wrong. The misogyny doesn’t even try to hide behind any ‘larger’ story like in some movies.CrisOne hundred and forty-five minutes are over and as I watch the end titles scroll on a mostly red screen, I am too tired to even ask the question, why. Why would anyone make a film like this and call it ‘love’ when all I could think was somebody up there hates me and everyone who had to sit through it on a Valentine’s Day. But Omar Lulu, the director, calls it Oru Adaar Love – one hell of a love story. Omar knew there’d be an audience for the first show, the hype had been that much, ever since a girl’s wink had caught on like wildfire, fans and followers coming for a young

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