'Russian Doll' review: This unusual Netflix series on death and depression is brilliant

NetflixThis edgy series about a woman who finds herself dying numerous times has several layers to it.Saraswati DatarWhat can be worse than dying on your birthday? Dying multiple times and knowing any minute could be your last, or not knowing how to escape the endless loop of inevitable deaths? These are just some of the dilemmas that Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) faces in the new Netflix original Russian Doll. Nadia is celebrating her 36th birthday with her friends when she decides to leave with a man named Mike (Jeremy Lowell Bobb) she meets at the party. Hours later, while looking for her missing cat Oatmeal, she is hit by a cab and lies dead on the road. Only she isn’t. She finds herself alive again, back in her friend’s bathroom at her birthday party. Thus begins a loop where Nadia finds herself dying in a series of unfortunate accidents,

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