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Short Film Review: Tattoo (2019) by Farhad Delaram

Farhad Delaram worked as a scriptwriter for Iranian state television before he started as a director. Together with producer Dena Rassam he developed the idea for his seventh short film “Tattoo”. In 2017 Delaram’s “Away from home” was selected among the 10 best shorts in Iran.

A young woman wants to extend her drivers license. Little does she know, that her tattooed hand will lead to further, unpleasant investigation.

Tattoo” is a clever film that illustrates bureaucratic procedures. From the beginning, the young woman is put under interrogation. Although no one claims that this is actually the case, she is guided through various stages of authorities and has to justify each time her tattoo and her broken middle finger. The interrogators are not squeamish and take advantage of their position, forcing her to strip down. Interestingly, Delaram is not only putting men in the position of power, but he is also

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