Horror Highlights: Wes Craven’s Swamp Thing UK Blu-ray / DVD, Lords Of Chaos Shirt, Survival Of The Film Freaks Documentary Indiegogo Campaign

Wes Craven's Swamp Thing oozes its way onto Blu-ray and DVD in the UK! If you live in the UK, you can see the swamp-dwelling creature for yourself on March 25th from 88 Films. Also: Lords of Chaos shirt details and Indiegogo campaign details for the Survival of the Film Freaks documentary on Blu-ray and DVD.

Swamp Thing Blu-ray Release Details: "Long before superhero movies were packing out multiplex cinemas, Freddy Krueger creator Wes Craven followed-up the success of Richard Donner's Superman with this fondly remembered DC adaptation that brings a comic book favourite to life!

Following the success of The Hills Have Eyes, Swamp Thing shows Craven adapting his style from less rough 'n' ready thrills and spills - and the result is an adventure thriller featuring a mutant-monster with good intentions, and a supporting cast of fan-favourites including Adrienne Barbeau, Ray Wise and David Hess (The Last House On The Left

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