Kevin Smith Offers a New Howard The Duck Update and Offered Lea Thompson a Role

Kevin Smith is obviously excited about working on Marvel and Hulu’s Howard The Duck animated series; he can’t stop talking about it! He already talked about getting to “do fowl things” with series. Now he continues to gush about what is being done with these shows and also reveals that he’s already asked original Howard The Duck movie star Lea Thompson to be a part of the show and voice one of the characters, so that’s cool! Here’s what he says:

“Last week Huli announced a deal to carry four new Marvel animated shows: Modok, Hit Monkey, Tigra and Dazzler and Howard The Duck!” Smith shared on Instagram. “This is fantastic news to me as a fan, but as a professional, it’s quacking me up because They Hired Me To Write It! Mercifully, they hired the great Dave Willis to write it too, so

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