Australia lags the rest of the world in second-time feature directors

Jessica McNamee stars in Heath Davis’ ‘Locusts’.

Far fewer directors in Australia get the chance to make their second feature, or more, than the global average.

According to a new, ground-breaking study of worldwide trends by UK analyst Stephen Follows, while 63.5 per cent of directors have one feature film credit, 36.5 per cent made a second feature.

Just 8.6 per cent directed more than five and only 0.1 per cent have more than 20 feature credits.

By comparison, Screen Australia’s most recent research found 62 per cent of directors had one credit in the five years to June 2017 and 44 of the 144 surveyed – 19 per cent – had made a second feature.

Broken down by gender, that equated to 42 male directors (22 per cent) and just two women (6 per cent). Some 8 per cent had three credits, 4 per cent had four and 7 per cent had 5-plus.


To be fair, Screen Australia’s research is a relatively

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