Interview: Common On ‘Hunter Killer’, Out Now On Digital

Coming to DVD on 25th February and out now on digital is the Gerard Butler action-thriller Hunter Killer, a film which features a superb supporting cast, including Gary Oldman and Common.

Deep within the harsh Arctic Ocean, Captain Joe Glass leads his crew of submariners tasked with rescuing a fellow Us Submarine that’s disappeared in foreign waters. However, their mission takes an action-packed turn when Glass discovers a secret coup brewing within enemy territory. With the world on the brink of Wwiii, Captain Glass must assemble an elite group of Navy Seals and start a battle to win a war.

Here, Common talks about the new film and the part he plays.


What were you most excited about when you signed onto the movie?

I was most excited honestly to work with Gary Oldman. That was the most exciting thing, but also just to play a character that I had never played.

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