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'Lkg' review: Rj Balaji's film is more spoof than intelligent satire

KollywoodWhile ‘Lkg’ makes liberal use of recent political events and is entertaining for those who catch the references, it fails to go beyond that. Sowmya RajendranFacebook/ Rj BalajiA saint in saffron remains seated as the 'Tamizh thaai vaazhthu' is played; a Governor throws a sidey glance at one of the women on stage, right in the middle of an important political event. The audience needs no encouragement to laugh. They've seen it all play out in the theatre of the absurd that Tamil Nadu politics has become. Rj Balaji's Lkg, directed by Prabhu, is among the many Tamil films in recent times to question the government at the state and central level. Quite interesting, because Bollywood too has had a slew of releases that are pertinent to the election season, only those films have pandered to the government that is in power while Tamil cinema has made the opposite choice.

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