It’s Official: Smosh Has Been Acquired By Rhett & Link’s Mythical Entertainment

In something of a full-circle moment, storied YouTube comedy brand Smosh has been purchased by another digital-native best friend-slash-creator duo after the channel was temporarily left in limbo following the abrupt -- and scandal-ridden -- shutdown of parent company Defy Media.

Smosh, which was founded by best friends Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox in 2002, has been purchased by Mythical Entertainment, which is owned Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal -- who host the immensely popular YouTube talk show Good Mythical Morning. Given that Padilla departed Smosh last summer to launch a solo career, Hecox and the other members of the crew confirmed the acquisition in a video today (below) -- roughly four months after Defy’s demise.

"They are creators helping creators," Hecox said of McLaughlin and Neal's involvement in the deal. "We get to do whatever we want, and we’re super, super excited." Smosh added that its four existing YouTube channels -- Smosh,

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