The B to Z of Movies: How B Movies Ruled the Cinema

In this short series of features, Tom Jolliffe will look at the humble B Movie and everything below. From the golden period of B cinema, to the rise in popularity of the B picture, to the underground mavericks making films on a shoe string from the 50’s right up to the present.

To begin with, lets look at the B movie. The terminology over the years has kind of evolved into a variety of interpretations. Everything from people using it as a derogatory term, to the actual qualifications of the B movie. Some pass it off as low budget. To an extent that was largely true in the distant history of Hollywood. The term initially spawned to represent the ‘other’ film of a double bill. Usually the low budget, low rent film (or the one with the B level star). More classically it also points to your premise or genre.

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