30 Ridiculous Mistakes In Dragon Ball Gt Only True Fans Noticed

Even though Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball series is now decades into its lifespan and it ostensibly ended for years before a recent resuscitation, it’s never been more popular. Dragon Ball is one of those rare franchises that has nearly as large of a presence in the West as it does over in Japan and it’s a series that could break through and find borderline mainstream success with Western audiences. Even though most of the installments in the Dragon Ball franchise have been met with acclaim from fans—the latest addition to the canon, Dragon Ball Super, is especially popular—there’s one series that is consistently the odd one out.

Dragon Ball Gt was the original follow-up series to Dragon Ball Z, which proceeded to continue the story of Goku after the end of the Buu arc. Dragon Ball Gt takes a number of bold moves that

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