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Movie Review – Mapplethorpe (2019)

Mapplethorpe, 2019.

Directed by Ondi Timoner.

Starring Matt Smith, Marianne Rendón, John Benjamin Hickey, Brandon Sklenar, McKinley Belcher III, Mark Moses, and Hari Nef.


A look at the life of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe from his rise to fame in the 1970s to his untimely death in 1989.

Not to drag Bohemian Rhapsody through the mud some more (an entertaining film but definitely not one that does justice to Freddie Mercury), but during the early stages of viewing Mapplethorpe, it felt refreshing watching a biopic about a famed artist struggling with their sexuality that, for lack of a better term, embraces the gay. You’re going to see a lot watching Mapplethorpe; everything from nude men of multiple races, various erotic poses (many of which dabble in Bdsm culture) and some things in photographs you probably wish you had never seen (fists professionally and artistically captured inside of a certain hole for

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