We Finally Have a General Idea of What Frozen II Will Be About

The Frozen II teaser came out a couple weeks ago, and while it showed us glimpses of some pretty wicked stuff, it didn’t really give us any idea what the movie will actually be about. Like, there is a badass sequence where Elsa is using her powers to freeze waves to try to run across the sea, but maybe that’s just her new cardio? It does appear that the sisters are on some kind of quest, and Anna’s sword slash at the end definitely gives the impression that there is danger afoot, but what are they questing for and who might be trying to stop them? Well, I still can’t answer the latter question, but we have gotten a hint about the former. Bloggers Jim Hill and Drew Taylor announced on their Fine Tooning podcast:

“It is about Anna and Elsa searching for what actually happened to their parents…

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