All Creatures Here Below Review – Gff 2019

David Dastmalchian is not an immediately recognisable name. But you will know his body of work which includes The Dark Knight, Prisoners and also Ant-Man proving he is no ordinary guy from Kansas.

All Creatures Here Below sees the actor taking on scriptwriting duties in a thought provoking indie drama that marks a homecoming, of sorts, with the entire shoot taking place in Kansas.

From the offset we are introduced to a young couple in a rough neighbourhood just trying to survive. Ruby is a cleaner in some form of government programme and after being re-assigned to a different post is only concerned about whether or not she will still get her food stamps. And it is after Gensan (David Dastmalchian) loses his job where things start to get interesting.

We go from a cock-fight that is raided by the police to Gensan killing the guy trying to escape with the money.

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