The Perils of Remastering Geek TV in High Definition

Mark Harrison Feb 28, 2019

How does classic geek TV like Buffy, Doctor Who, and Star Trek: Tng fare in high definition? Mark examines the art of remastering shows...

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

There's an adage in fandom that tells us “the memory cheats." Coined by Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner in the 1980s, it refers to a kind of Mandela Effect where we improve TV episodes we haven't seen in a while in our heads. But in the age of DVD and Blu-ray, these shows are now available for posterity. Some of them have even been upscaled for glorious but utterly unforgiving high-definition formats.

To a certain extent, we've become conditioned to expect our TV shows in the highest possible definition and those who hold home media and streaming rights to our favourite geeky shows are usually eager to deliver.

So it goes with the recent Red Dwarf Blu-ray boxset,

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