David S. Goyer Wanted His He-Man Movie to Be a Lord of the Rings Sized Epic

&#8232As you probably know by now, Sony has a new Masters of the Universe movie in the works. Screenwriter David S. Goyer was originally set to pen and helm the reboot, but then he had to drop out due to "other commitments." And today we have word that this might not have been the case. As is usual with this kind of deal, it looks like there's a bit more to the story.

Creature designer and former Ilm artist Carlos Huante recently spoke about his time working on the David S. Goyer version and said it was a more colorful and fantastical version of Lord of The Rings.

&#8232Specifically, Huante said this.

&#8232"When they called me to work on the film I was very happy... I worked on it for several weeks and the script that Goyer had, he was directing and he wrote the script, was great I actually thought it was really good,

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