‘Yajamana’ review: A typical family entertainer tailor-made for Darshan

SandalwoodThe movie, jointly directed by Pon Kumaran and music director V Harikrishna, is about a village fighting to keep corporate oil companies at bay.Aravind ShwethaThe last few years have been an average show for Darshan, and his fans have been outright disheartened. Post Ambareesha (which released in 2014), his films have struggled to satisfy a very demanding fandom. With Yajamana, Darshan is back on the silver screen after almost two years and his fans had high expectations from him – thanks to a neatly packaged trailer and engaging jukebox. The trailer and songs had promised a typical family entertainer tailor-made for Dacchu (as he is fondly known) fans. But, during the film’s promotions, Darshan had made it clear that the film was not extraordinary but a typical family entertainer with mainstream commercial elements. The film stands by every word he said. In a posh corporate office, we see the chief of an oil conglomerate,

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