Lez Girls and dead dogs: how Jenny wrecked The L Word

The lesbian drama was the first of its kind – shame its most irritating character ruined the show

Back in 2004, it was a different lesbian landscape: there was no “Cara is my ex” slogan T-shirts, there were no celesbians, there were no Oscar-nominated films featuring layers of royal crinoline being ruffled by Rachel Weisz. There was, however, The L Word. Set in Los Angeles, the show was a first of its kind: a mainstream drama series that followed a group of (at the time) trendy lesbians through their various ups and downs – followed by more ups and more downs and lot of hot, taboo sex.

Bette Porter, a gallerist, and Tina Kennard, a film producer, were the sensible couple trying for a baby before Tina started sleeping around. Then there was Shane McCutcheon, a slinky hairdresser who would whip off her skinny tie and waistcoat for anyone who was interested. Alice Pieszecki,

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