Watch: Spike Jonze Advocates for Marijuana Legalization in New Bradford Young-Shot Short Film

It’s now been over half-a-decade since we last got a feature film from Spike Jonze and there’s no word yet when he may return with a new movie, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t seen new work from the imaginative director. On the contrary, there’s been no shortage of music videos, commercials, and various other works. The latest finds him teaming with cinematographer Bradford Young.

The duo collaborated with the cannabis company MedMen for a new campaign titled “The New Normal,” which aims to enact reform when it comes to marijuana criminalization. Narrated by Jesse Williams, their two-minute short film inventively explores the long history of American’s pot use and how both the effect of the war on drugs is still being negatively felt in many communities today and how reform could be a positive for the economic growth in this country.


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