‘David Crosby’ Documentary And ‘Her Smell’ Topline 8th Annual Sun Valley Film Festival

Eight years in, the Sun Valley Film Festival, running March 13-17, has established itself as a laid-back, picturesque event, where you’re as likely to be struck by the beauty of the setting — in the shadow of Idaho’s Bald Mountain — as by the films on screen.

Per executive director Teddy Grennan, this Idaho resort town, a three-hour drive from Boise, already has a rich cinematic history.

Averell Harriman, who owned Union Pacific, wanted to start a ski town in the mountains, and he didn’t know how to launch it. So he hired this wunderkind, one of the original Mad Men who launched Miami Beach in the early 1900s. And the guy said, ‘Look, you own a rail line. Invite up all the Marilyn Monroes, all the hangers-on, and put it on the house.’ And they did just that. The only thing they asked for was to own the pictures of them — Hemingway,

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