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‘The Tomb: Heart of the Dragon’ DVD Review

Stars: Gina Vitori, Andrew J Katers, Samantha Bowling, Evan Sloan, Shawn McConnell, Lindsay Sawyer, Val Victa, Jordan Williams, Kate Watson, John Wusah, Tammy Klein | Written by Nick Zephyrin | Directed by James H. Thomas

Yay! It’s another mockbuster from The Asylum. Yes, those fine purveyors of shark-schlock have returned to their mockbuster roots with The Tomb: Heart of the Dragon, a low-budget “homage” to the Tomb Raider series, another example of The Asylum’s savvy marketing methinks – originally timed to debut a mere week Before the release of the Alicia Vikander starring blockbuster reboot of the film franchise but not released in the UK, direct to DVD, until this week!

For those unaware, I am a huge fan of The Asylum’s output and I’m not just talking Sharknado and it’s sequels or the myriad of other killer-fish flicks they’ve produced. Films like Avengers Grimm, Abraham Lincoln

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