We’d love Nancy Banks-Smith’s take on Fleabag | Brief letters

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Congratulations on your editorial (2 March) on improvisation and imperfection. How often do we find editorial reference to music-making, even in the Guardian? However, I was disappointed to find you reiterating that old and unhelpful opposition between “discipline” and the supposed freedom of improvisation. Effective improvisation depends absolutely on disciplinary mastery, not on a supposed emancipation from it, whether you’re talking about those experts the Grateful Dead or André Previn.

Susan Melrose

Deal, Kent

• The survey of women who have rebuilt the landscape of television blissfully included a timely reminder of Nancy Banks-Smith’s talent. Can you at least persuade her to do a Fleabag commentary in the style of her monthly Archers roundup? (Cue knowing grimace to camera...)

Richard Lee

Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

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