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Miami 2019 Review: An Affair Has No Easy Answers

There are so many international films playing here at the Miami Film Festival 2019, that it would be nearly impossible to watch them all. I've just seen Director Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken's fifth feature, An Affair, and it treads some rough cinematic waters where content is concerned. That is to say, an intimate affair between a teacher and a student learning how to harness his hormones and raging sexuality.  The film centers on middle-aged Anita (Andrea Bræin Hovig), a bored, well-to-do woman married to a never-home lawyer who couldn't be more disinterested in his wife if he tried. And so, Anita takes a job filling in as a substitute teacher at the nearby high school. It isn't long before student Markus (Tarjei Sandvik Moe) comes onto Anita in...

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