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Brahms Is Back in The Boy 2 First Look, Release Date Announced

STXfilms and Lakeshore Entertainment's follow-up to horror film director William Brent Bell's PG-13 horror-thriller The Boy starring Lauren Cohan and Rupert Evans began principal photography earlier this year in Vancouver, British Columbia. The original film was produced for less than $15 million and grossed $68M worldwide so this sequel seems kind of unsurprising to say the least. And today we have not only your first look at the new film but a release date as well. You can check out the first look pic above and/or below. Moving on quickly, we now have word that The Boy 2 will be creeping around in the walls of your local multiplex come July 26, 2019.

And speaking of July 26, 2019, it's an interesting date for the powers that be behind the scenes to pick, considering that's the same day the next Quentin Tarantino motion picture, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is set to open.

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