The Top 25 Underrated Movie Villains

Tim George Mar 8, 2019

Hannibal Lecter and Hans Gruber? They're the movie villains who get the recognition they deserve. But what about this lot?

When you think of your great villains, your Darth Vaders, your Jokers, your Hannibal Lecters, who stands out? It boils down to one thing: showmanship. Whether it is in terms of appearance, personality, or action, characters like these hog the spotlight. When they are onscreen, you cannot take your eyes off them.

In forming this list, I found that I was gravitating toward characters who lacked this kind of showmanship. Maybe the title of this article should have been ‘understated.’ While there are a few on this list who you could count as flamboyant (and one played by Gary Busey), on the whole, the characters on these list prefer to hide in the shadows where they can hide their deeds and plot their next scheme. They’re

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