HBO Wants More Seasons of "Silicon Valley," but Mike Judge Might Be Ready to End It

HBO Wants More Seasons of

The restless entrepreneurs behind Pied Piper on HBO’s “Silicon Valley” have at least one more season of adventure around the corner, but after that, show creator Mike Judge might be ready to move on. “I think HBO is interested in more, if we come up with ideas that would turn it into something longer,” Judge said in an interview with IndieWire in Austin, a week after starting the writing process on Season 6. “But we also don’t want to run it into the ground.”

Judge has said before that he has an ending in mind for the antics of his wayward techies, but as the show prepares for its latest installments, the idea may soon come to fruition. “It’s feeling that way,” he said. “We just started writing the new season so we’re going to wait and see, make that decision after we’ve gotten a little way into it.

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