Spielberg vs. Netflix: Separating Myth and Reality About the Post-Oscars Battle

IndieWire’s recent story about Academy Governor Steven Spielberg’s strong belief that Netflix-distributed movies should be in the race for Emmys, not Oscars, spawned a legion of comments and debates on social media. But various reaction threads also revealed how much misinformation is out there about everything from the legendary director’s positions on the matter, as well as the Oscars and Netflix itself.

Yes, IndieWire readers are smart and well-informed. See how you do with our reality check, below.

Myth: Netflix produced “Roma.”

Fact: Netflix had nothing to do with “making” or even funding “Roma,” which is the case for many (not all) of the shows/movies labeled as Netflix Originals. Participant Media’s David Linde greenlit and financed “Roma,” which was shot on location by Cuarón’s production company over 110 days for a little less than $15 million in Mexico City, with Participant production chief Jonathan King on hand.

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