It Came From The Tube: Wes Craven’s Invitation To Hell (1984)

Like most of his peers in horror’s hallowed halls, Wes Craven contributed his share to the small screen; Summer of Fear (1978), Chiller (1985), and several episodes of The Twilight Zone revival (’85–’86) are indications of an artist who liked to keep busy and sometimes pay some bills. Invitation to Hell (’84) would seem to be a case for the latter, but it has an irresistibly goofy charm that’s impossible to resist.

Originally an ABC broadcast from Thursday, May 24th, Invitation stood no hope in you know where of winning the night; CBS had Magnum, P.I. and Simon & Simon, while the Peacock strutted around with their comedy lineup of Gimme A Break!/Family Ties/Cheers/Night Court. Those were impossible odds, even for the devil himself. Oh well. Throw on your tracksuit, grab your water bottle, because you’ve just received your Invitation to Hell.

Let’s open up our brimstone

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