‘Captain Marvel’ Exceeds Expectations, But Superheroes Can’t Do All the Box-Office Work

Men comprised 55 percent of the audience for Marvel’s “Captain Marvel.” That helped the film reach a stellar $153 million opening gross and combined $455 million worldwide, disproving the trope of wide-audience rejection of a female superhero. If anything, the silly outrage might have helped this get more attention.

In adjusted figures, this represents the eighth-biggest Marvel opener, the best first weekend in nine months (since “Incredibles 2”), fourth biggest opener in March, and the most positive box office news in a long time. But it also is an expected result which, by itself, doesn’t entirely deflect the recent downturn.

For once, business actually went up (and strongly) from the similar weekend a year back. This reduced the deficit from last year to a little over 20 percent, cutting the dollar to about $510 million. That’s still a lot to overcome. Upcoming openings of Jordan Peele’s well received SXSW-premiered “Us” and

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