Doom: Annihilation Trailer Opens A Portal to Hell

The first trailer for Universal 1440 Entertainment's Doom: Annihilation is here and it's not a game anymore. We were just recently treated to the official title, along with some images and the synopsis, so the trailer release isn't too much of a surprise. With that being said, we're looking at movie that is much different than 2005's Doom, which starred Dwayne Johnson and was a complete flop at the box office. Instead, we're going back to the original 1993 game's roots, which should have some fans of the franchise pretty excited for the upcoming release.

Director Tony Giglio wanted to take a step away from the 2005 adaptation to make Doom: Annihilation a bit more "artful." However, there will still be a first-person shooter aspect to the movie like the first adaptation, thanks to the "heads up display" on the team's visors, which the director says is an homage to the original game.

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