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The Highwaymen Review [SXSW 2019]

In its nature, the romance driving folklore bends truths, historical or otherwise. While Davy Crockett was a huntsman, he certainly never killed a bear “when he was only three.” Though this pattern can be justified in almost all cases for the sake of entertainment – though in dull times, the longing for excitement could be an alternative goad for exaggeration – it becomes dangerous once the story it tells and the truth it bends is one that perhaps doesn’t deserve glorification. The purpose of The Highwaymen is to disassemble our perception of one such story.

It’s been over 50 years since Arthur Penn’s Bonnie and Clyde was released and changed the landscape of American cinema forever. At the time it was an overlooked masterpiece, a film courageous enough to exhibit the violence we as a species are capable of. Director John Lee Hancock introduced his film at SXSW with the story of Gladys Hamer,

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