‘Terminator: Rise of the Resistance’ Board Game Review

The Terminator series of movies has certainly had its ups and downs. The first movie and it’s blockbusting sequel are considered among the greatest sci-fi/action movies of all time by many, but the third and fourth movies in the series (Rise of the Machines and Salvation) are perhaps better off erased from the history books. I personally enjoy 2015′s Terminator Genisys thanks to a story that breaks the series norm by powering up the human defenders in a way that makes the action sequences much more exciting than in some of the other movies. That’s fitting, because both the artwork and gameplay portrayed in Terminator: Rise of the Resistance (which is today’s board game review) match the movie perfectly.

Indeed, whilst Emilia Clarke’s Sarah Connor is absent (because the game takes place entirely in the future) several other cast members are present, with artwork that

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