‘Wonder Park’ Review: A Sugar-Addled ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ Ripoff That’s Missing a Director

The most notable thing about Paramount’s “Wonder Park” — a sugar-addled “My Neighbor Totoro” ripoff with a beautiful message and a hideous everything else — is that the movie seems to have been made without a director. That’s not an insult, it’s a fact: Behold what might be the only IMDb page where the writers get top billing.

Perhaps that’s a damning indictment of a production that never found its way. More likely, it’s an honest reflection of how most $100 million animated films are made these days; “Wonder Park” doesn’t feel like the result of a coherent artistic vision as much as it does the result of a Rube Goldbergian workflow so convoluted that it’s a miracle the finished product even cuts together. [Note: Director Dylan Brown was fired for “inappropriate conduct” in January 2018]. Like a rickety wooden roller-coaster with just enough momentum to pull off a vertical loop,

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