Chico, Chihuahua Star Of Broadway’s ‘Legally Blonde’, Amazon Reality Series Dies At 14

Chico, the Chihuahua who appeared in the entire 2007-08 Broadway run of Legally Blonde – The Musical, as well as the national tour, regional productions, an MTV taping of the show and an Amazon reality series about his owner and trainer Bill Berloni, died March 11. He was 14, and his death was announced by Berloni.

As the Legally Blonde character Bruiser, Chico became the public face of the show, on billboards, print ads and the musical’s official logo. Chico also made the Broadway record books: According to Berloni, the Chihuahua was the first dog ever trusted to deliver a production’s crucial opening “conversation.” As the musical begins, a human character asks “Brusier” where main character Elle Woods is. Bruiser barks an answer, then repeats the routine for three additional questions, crucially setting up the first scene’s premise.

In addition to Legally Blonde, Chico was included in Amazon’s From

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