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‘Alien Party Crashers’ VOD Review

Stars: Craig Russell, Robert Pugh, Hannah Daniel, Sheena Bhattessa, Richard Mylan, Kai Owen, Aled Pugh, Robert Boulter, Kevin McCurdy, Steve Meo, Dominique Dauwe, Marc Rhys, Tsilala Brock, Sophie Melville, Richard Corgan | Written and Directed by Peter Stray

DJ Steve Dennis (Craig Russell) decides to return home to the small town of Cwmtwrch, Wales to hold a New Year’s Eve Party, with the hope of getting some new investors interested in his new business venture. Unfortunately for Steve and his guests, aliens have decided to invade, leaving them no choice but to defend themselves against the invaders.

Alien Party Crashers has a rather complicated plot, with the various events crossing over several decades, which involves abductions, time travel, killer aliens and several bodies falling from the sky. It seems an ambitious project with the low budget, but as the events unfold the various seams of the plot come nicely together,

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