Why We Need More Diverse Lesbian Representation on TV

The diversity of lesbian representation on TV has finally begun to span ethnicities and ages, but one area that seems to be lagging is representation beyond lipstick lesbians.

Quickly, to define some terms: 

Butch exude predominantly masculine traits -- short hair, manly fashion, and are sometimes broader in physical build. 

Lipsticks look traditionally feminine, girlier in fashion, and are often confused with straight women.

Chapsticks are usually a hybrid between the two. They portray a feminine physicality but typically have a sportier/masculine fashion.

Get ready for a bumpy ride as I mount my high horse!

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It's well known that most TV shows have an unrealistically attractive cast.

I mean, has anyone received life-saving hospital care from a band of objectively beautiful doctors? Most likely not. Although I like to hold that beauty is subjective,

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