SXSW Review: ‘The Beach Bum’ is Hilarious, But May Cause a Hangover

The latest opus of debauchery from the great Harmony Korine, The Beach Bum continues his more playful streak, full of carefree possibilities while existing in roughly the same cinematic universe of his previous film Spring Breakers. While James Franco’s Alien hustled hard for that paper, Matthew McConaughey’s Moondog inherited his wealth from wife Minnie (Isla Fisher). Moondog, an aspiring writer, lives large without a care in the world on his borrowed Southern Florida yacht. His days consist of getting high, drinking, and having trysts in random places including a kitchen of a local beach sidebar that’s played for laughs.

Existing in the same heightened reality of his 2012 hit, Korine gleefully adapts and upscales the Idgaf tone of his previous works including Kids, the Larry Clark feature Korine wrote at age 22, and Gummo. The Beach Bum has the feeling of a director who has essentially semi-retired and gone south,

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