J.K. Simmons doesn’t know if he’ll play Commissioner Gordon again

While we’ve had confirmation that Ben Affleck is handing the cape and cowl over to a new, younger actor for Matt ReevesThe Batman, one thing we’re unsure about at present is if Reeves plans to completely overhaul the other inhabitants of Gotham City for his solo Dark Knight movie.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons has revealed that he has no idea if he’ll be reprising his Justice League role as Commissioner Gordon for The Batman or any other Dceu movies, although he’s more than happy to do so should the opportunity arise.

“I know nothing, I know that I signed up to do three movies and I hope there are going to be two more,” said Simmons. “It has been in and around and through, whether it be Batman or Justice League or another Suicide Squad, or where Commissioner Gordon might end up appearing again,

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