Feature: When a network says it’s the Series Finale, don’t believe them.

These days, past successful shows are finding new life as reboots, a prequel or a sequel or as a movie. “Deadwood” is returning to HBO, “Will & Grace” and “Murphy Brown” returned to NBC and CBS, respectively. A new “91020” is set for Fox and the fix is in – “Breaking Bad” is coming back to TV.

In February, Netflix and AMC announced a “Breaking Bad” sequel film with a focus on science and woodworking enthusiast Jesse Pinkman played by Aaron Paul. No particulars on the movie’s plot have been released but that certainly hasn’t stopped those that deal in speculation to run rampant. As the yet-unannounced premiere date draws closer (sometime in 2020?) BetOnline one of the best sportsbooks will certainly offer props on Jesse’s future.

The movie will first run on Netflix before making the move to AMC. The show’s producers have long cited Netflix for the

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