‘Shrill’: Can This ‘Revolutionary’ Fat-Positive Comedy Inspire Industry-Wide Change?

‘Shrill’: Can This ‘Revolutionary’ Fat-Positive Comedy Inspire Industry-Wide Change?

Like the Lindy West memoir that inspired it, Hulu’s “Shrill” tackles abortion, Internet trolling, love, and being fat. It’s a perspective that executive producer Elizabeth Banks describes as “revolutionary” — especially after she was left nonplussed when a female journalist at the Television Critics Association winter press tour asked: “You’ve been gorgeous your whole life. What did you understand about this material?”

Banks answered the question by simply saying the Aidy Bryant comedy is “something that everyone can relate to.” But afterward, she told IndieWire, “We left the panel, and we thought, ‘We have to make a hundred more of these shows, so that this just gets normal. … Lindy’s book points out that if you put a character like this on television, and make her a role model, that will be revolutionary.”

Added West, “There’s this great lie that if you spend all your money and

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