Freddy Was Innocent In Early Script For A Nightmare On Elm Street Remake

Writer Eric Heisserer has done pretty well for himself in recent years, having penned the scripts for such popular genre works as Arrival and Bird Box. In fact, the scribe’s recent success might be all the more impressive given that his feature debut was a work as widely rejected as 2010‘s A Nightmare on Elm Street, and in a recent series of Twitter posts, Heisserer lamented how his script for the horror remake suffered heavy tampering.

Samuel Bayer’s critically panned slasher flick toys with the idea that Freddy Krueger, played this time by Jackie Earle Haley, may have been wrongly accused of molesting children, and is now coming back from the dead to seek vengeance. But while the film ultimately reveals the villain to be guilty, this wasn’t what Heisserer initially had in mind.

“There was an iteration of the movie at one point where he remained innocent and vengeful,

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