Viacom Storms DirecTV With ‘Daily Show’ Warning Of Looming Blackout

It’s no laughing matter to Viacom that At&T could be dropping its channels from DirecTV and U-verse in just a couple of day but Comedy Central’s The Daily Show became the battlefield in the latest pay-tv carriage war tonight.

As host Trevor Noah listened to Neal Brennan’s mordacious takedown on the recent rise of socialism in political rhetoric (Hint: blame the rich) on the deliberately fake news show on Tuesday, a warning appeared on the bottom of the screen for a few seconds. “Your satellite TV provider is about to drop this channel and 22 others,” said the lower third directive aimed at DirecTV (see the photo above) and the midnight Et March 22 expiring contract.

Oddly, as a corresponding crawl seemed to start, Comedy Central suddenly became even more cropped. The move on channel 249 on DirecTV briefly reformatted the screen and the end of the segment with the Chappelle Show co-creator.

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