New Flash Theory May Reveal Godspeed’s Shocking Secret Identity

Following Tuesday’s episode, The Flash is taking a month’s break, but once that’s over, season 5 will return with an outing that fans won’t want to miss. Titled “Godspeed,” episode 18 will do just what it says on the tin and introduce the popular speedster villain from recent comics into the Arrowverse for the first time.

Set photos have teased that the white-suited villain has been recreated for the screen very faithfully, but just because visually he looks the same doesn’t mean that the Flash writers haven’t shaken up his secret identity. In the comics, Godspeed is really August Hearst, Barry’s partner at the Ccpd forensic department. As no such character exists on the series, however, one intriguing fan theory suggests that the true face of the Scarlet Speedster’s latest foe will provide a major shock.

As posted on Reddit by Rishukingler11, the theory

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