‘Abby’s’ Producers on How TV’s First Outdoor Sitcom Faced Skunks, Helicopters and Crickets

It’s tape night on the set of “Abby’s,” located behind one of the homes built on the fabled Universal Studios backlot. As the night falls and a chill sweeps in, the NBC comedy’s producers are facing the kinds of obstacles that no other multi-camera sitcom has likely ever confronted. Out come the dewdrops, crickets, helicopters, gnats, and skunks that have made shooting the sitcom a unique challenge.

That’s because “Abby’s,” which premieres Thursday, is the first multi-camera comedy to be shot entirely outdoors — and it’s been a learning process for everyone involved. Take the crickets, which have been much louder than expected. It’s driving the show’s sound engineers bonkers.

“Oh gosh, we have a lot of cricket issues,” creator and executive producer Josh Malmuth told Variety on set in October. “It’s a huge topic of conversation. A lot of the editing room is,

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